Embark On Your Journey Towards

Conscious Masculinity

Connect To The Power Of Your Heart And Re-align Your Life With Your Soul-Purpose

Embark On Your Journey Towards

Conscious Masculinity

Connect To The Power Of Your Heart And Re-align Your Life With Your Soul-Purpose

What is Conscious Masculinity?

Conscious Masculinity means living life from the place of Truth found within your Heart.

It isn't about conforming to a societal stereotype of what it means to be a man, or living up to unrealistic expectations. It means connecting with your own heart to discover your true self, your desires, your authenticity, and your purpose, and developing an inner compass to guide you at all times for the rest of your life, no longer being ran by your shadows.

We provide guidance for men seeking growth, self-discovery, understanding, and a shift from dissatisfaction with life to joy and fulfillment. Conscious Masculinity allows you to embrace the power of the mature masculine, and experience newfound confidence, vulnerability, strength, and conviction.


Through our Online Brotherhood Circles, 1-on-1 Coaching, and our transformative signature group program, INITIATION, we provide the tools, support, and community you need to embark on this life-changing journey.

INITIATION - Ten Week Program

This is where your transformation begins. In Conscious Masculinity INITIATION, you will embark on a transformative 10-week journey that connects you with your heart, you will heal your inner-child wounds, and re-align your life with your Soul's Purpose. Through live weekly sessions, you learn to navigate your inner world, understand yourself better, communicate effectively, and embrace a new sense of sovereignty that allows you to stop seeking outside, that which you will only find inside of you. It is a rite-of-passage into your fullness; the mature and integrated masculine.

Online Brotherhood Circle

The Conscious Masculinity Brotherhood Circle is a place where us men come together to support one another to connect deeper with our hearts, embrace our purpose, and create an authentic life. In this sacred space,
we discuss and explore various aspects of life, such as emotions, relationships, personal growth, and mental health. It is a place of non-judgement, honor, respect, support and confidentiality. The aim is to foster a sense of community and support one another in rising into the greatest version of ourselves.

1-On-1 Coaching

The Conscious Masculinity One-on-One Coaching Program is designed specifically for men who want to dig deep and achieve their ultimate potential. There is no hiding here. The obstacles and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back will be brought into the light, and together we will go to work to overcome them. Your guide will be your heart. Your coach will simply provide a mirror to ensure you are following it's guidance, and will call you up when you're selling yourself short of your greatness.

Meet The Founder

"I thought I had it all. I was an entrepreneur who had successfully managed a marketing agency for about a decade, I got along very well with my family, and had lots of great friends with whom I threw the best parties in Miami.

However, in spite of everything going well, there were plenty of moments where I felt a sense of emptiness and misery. I wasn't sure where my life was going. I remember asking myself "Whose life am I living?"

After several relationships and heartbreak, I wound up unable to genuinely connect with another woman from a place of love, and was settling for casual sex which I constantly sought out. It took me a long time to realize that my thirst for sex was a symptom of my resignation about love.

I was disconnected from my heart and I didn't know it. After a huge moment of insight I set out on my own quest for the next entire year to heal and reconnect with my heart. It was the most gratifying journey I've been on, the journey home. I discovered that many years ago, young men used to have wise elders that would guide us and initiate us into the mature masculine.

I now realize that the Universe was so generous with me as to guide me through my own initiation during that time. I cannot overstate the incredible 180 degree turn that my life took. I now feel at home within my heart with certainty of who I am, what my life is for, and have created a family with the love of my life.

The offerings in Conscious Masculinity, are the results of my own prayer to help guide other men home into the power and wisdom of their hearts."

-Cesar Rodriguez


Daniel Hadas

"Before working with Cesar, my marriage had been sex-less for well over a year. Sex had become a taboo topic and the source of major contention. I was feeling pretty helpless and as though this would be my life forever. While working with Cesar, each area of contention with my wife was addressed, as were my own demons around self-confidence. The result? Restored sex life that my wife and I are EXCITED about. Even more intimacy than we ever had in our relationship, and a renewed sense of self confidence for me. None of this would've happened without Cesar."

William Moreno

"For me, what I valued most was having a weekly structure to dive in and take a close look at important areas of my life. Cesar kept me in the inquiry. That, sustained by the assignments throughout the week, helped me focus and come up with the answers I was seeking around my purpose, masculinity and relationships. Cesar's sharing of his own journey, combined with his active listening also created the space for the answers to come up to the surface."

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