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Connect With The Wisdom Of Your Heart, Let Go Of Resentment, Release Harbored Pain, And Align Your Life With Your Soul's Purpose


Conscious Masculinity INITIATION is a transformative 10-week program designed to guide you on a journey to connect with the deep strength, softness, and wisdom of your Heart.

It is an initiation into the power of the Mature Masculine, and aligning your life with your Soul-Purpose.

Through weekly 90-120 minute live sessions, we explore key themes, undertake weekly assignments, and facilitate a supportive brotherhood environment for open dialogue and mutual growth. No prior knowledge or experience is needed - only an open heart and willingness to grow.

Program Objectives

Objective 1:


Connect with the deep strength, softness, and wisdom of the Heart. When it comes to conscious masculinity, a strong connection to your heart is everything. This will give way to all the other outcomes of the program. The Heart is home. It is also your fortress in which you are unmessable-with, as well as a fountain of wisdom in which you discover your Truth; Who you really are, your authenticity, your courage and vulnerability, as well as a knowing of what belongs in your life and what doesn’t.

Objective 2:


Release harbored pain, let go of resentment, and make peace with the Feminine and the Masculine. Robert Bly said “there’s a woman inside every man and a man inside every woman.” You cannot embody the power of the mature and integrated Masculine, as long as you still carry resentment for the Feminine, be it your mother, or former partners and lovers. The same is true for the Masculine. If we carry resentment towards our fathers, and grew up saying to ourselves, I’ll never be like him, we are cut-off from our Fullness. Through our work together, you will heal your heart and restore your relationship with the Feminine and Masculine.

Objective 3:


Having healed and connected to your heart, you will develop the ability to self-resource. You will finally break free from needing validation from something or someone outside of you to feel worthy, particularly another woman. A woman will never make us feel worthy or good enough, and for as long as we assign them that role we set them and ourselves up for failure. You will have the ability to tap into a fountain of infinite Love within your own heart, and be able to approach life and everyone around you from a place of fullness.

Objective 4:


Your purpose is your Dharma. Your Dharma is your joy and your duty. Without a clear purpose to which we have surrendered, the life of a man becomes very tricky and we often feel lost or as if life is pointless. Through the work in this Initiation, you will not only have a crystal clear awareness of your purpose, but you will also learn to embrace it, move towards it, and find your greatest joy in it.


Conscious Masculinity Initiation is for all men who wish to Connect with the Love and Wisdom within their Heart. The tricky part is, that is likely the medicine that you don’t know you need - just as a man who is frustrated because he often gets lost driving, yet he is unaware of the existence of a GPS. 

Modern civilization has long lost the traditional Rite Of Passage for young men. The repercussions have been tremendous, from an individual level to a global level. Yet there aren’t many men out there seeking their own initiation. That’s because the reasons you would highly benefit from one are blindspots; Like the GPS to the driver.

So while the benefits and use-cases are not limited to the following, let’s name some specific examples.

INITIATION would highly benefit you if:

  • You lack a sense of direction or purpose in your life

  • You are out of touch with your greatest joy. 

  • Life seems dull, mundane or even pointless

  • You are constantly seeking approval and validation from others (particularly women), and regardless of whether you get it or not, it does not fill the void you seek to fill.

  • Deep down you know you want to create a relationship with someone you love, but on a more surface level, you struggle to shut the door to the opportunity to connect with other women

  • Women feel that they cannot connect with you or reach your heart, or you cannot open your heart fully to another person

  • You are living up to the expectations of others and not fulfilling on your own desires

  • You do not communicate or pursue your desires 

  • You are out of touch with what you actually desire

  • You are playing the role of being a responsible provider for yourself and your family, and left behind your desires and passions

  • You don’t communicate your boundaries, you are polite at your own expense, and struggle to say NO.

  • You struggle to maintain good habits, or struggle with bad habits or addiction

  • You are carrying either pain, grief, sadness, or resentment and don’t know how to let it go

INITIATION is also for you if you wish to:

  • Experience yourself in your Fullness

  • Master your shadows 

  • Learn to provide your own sense of worth

  • No longer seek the approval and validation of others

  • Pursue your desires

  • Communicate challenging emotions easily and powerfully

  • Establish and Communicate boundaries with compassion

  • Connect to your Heart

  • Create the romantic partnership that you really want

  • Experience life as rich and joyful

  • Have a clear sense of purpose

  • Release harbored pain and experience lightness in your heart

  • Fall in love with life and yourself again

Program Support

Throughout the 10-week program, you will have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one call with the founder of Conscious Masculinity, participate in group discussions, and receive weekly assignments to encourage continuous growth. You'll also be paired with an accountability buddy, adding another layer of support and motivation.

Masculine Initiation Rituals

For thousands of years tribes of indigenous people all around the world (some till this day) held ritual initiations for young men as they stepped into manhood. These initiation rituals included things like a Vision Quest or “Hanbleceya” as the Lakota Sioux tribe called it, in which young boys were sent out into the wilderness to fast, pray, and seek a vision or a dream that would help guide them in their adult life.

The Guarani tribe in South America held a similar rite of passage where young men had to show their bravery and endurance through these long periods of isolation and survival in the wilderness. 

The Quechua people of the Andes Mountains found it essential for young men to learn skills like farming and herding as well as to understand the tribe’s deep connection with the natural world. 

The Yanomami, in modern day Venezuela/Brazil, held rites of passage where boys learned hunting and warfare skills, as well as the use of hallucinogenic plant medicines to allow communication with the spirit world. 

In Chile and Argentina, the Mapuche people have various rites of passage where young men participate in a series of rituals and tests that teach them their roles and responsibilities within the tribe.

The importance of these teachings and rituals in the life of a man cannot be understated. In our modern society, such initiations are more important than ever. These indigenous tribe peoples lived extremely intimately in connection with Nature, which I believe plays a big role in allowing us a strong connection to our own true nature, as well as our hearts and bodies. 

Today, a ritualistic initiation into Masculinity must include a journey into the Heart. Modern society as well as city-living has severed our connection with the natural world and has conditioned men out of their hearts.

Not only has this become highly apparent in my years of working with men, and leading men circles. I also have my own experience as the greatest evidence...

Meet Your Facilitator

"I thought I had it all. I was an entrepreneur who had successfully managed a marketing agency for about a decade, I got along very well with my family, and had lots of great friends with whom I threw the best parties in Miami.

However, in spite of everything going well, there were plenty of moments where I felt a sense of emptiness and misery. I wasn't sure where my life was going. I remember asking myself "Whose life am I living?"

After several relationships and heartbreak, I wound up unable to genuinely connect with another woman from a place of love, and was settling for casual sex which I constantly sought out. It took me a long time to realize that my thirst for sex was a symptom of my resignation about love.

I was disconnected from my heart and I didn't know it. After a huge moment of insight I set out on my own quest for the next entire year to heal and reconnect with my heart. It was the most gratifying journey I've been on, the journey home. I learned that many years ago, young men used to have wise elders that would guide us and initiate us into the mature masculine.

I now realize that the Universe was so generous with me as to guide me through my own initiation during that time. I cannot overstate the incredible 180 degree turn that my life took. I now feel at home within my heart, have certainty of who I am, what my life is for, and I met the love of my life, and have started a family.

The offerings in Conscious Masculinity, are the results of my own prayer to help guide other men home into the power and wisdom of their hearts."

-Cesar Rodriguez

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Daniel Hadas

"Before working with Cesar, my marriage had been sex-less for well over a year. Sex had become a taboo topic and the source of major contention. I was feeling pretty helpless and as though this would be my life forever. While working with Cesar, each area of contention with my wife was addressed, as were my own demons around self-confidence. The result? Restored sex life that my wife and I are EXCITED about. Even more intimacy than we ever had in our relationship, and a renewed sense of self confidence for me. None of this would've happened without Cesar."

William Moreno

"For me, what I valued most was having a weekly structure to dive in and take a close look at important areas of my life. Cesar kept me in the inquiry. That, sustained by the assignments throughout the week, helped me focus and come up with the answers I was seeking around my purpose, masculinity and relationships. Cesar's sharing of his own journey, combined with his active listening also created the space for the answers to come up to the surface."

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