Conscious Masculinity Brotherhood Circle

An online community of men dedicated to personal growth,

self-discovery, and mutual support

Who We Are

We are a diverse collective of men from all walks of life, bound together by our commitment to authenticity, growth, and mutual respect. We have created a safe and confidential space where men can explore their feelings, face their fears, and step into their fullness. Whether you are dealing with personal challenges or seeking deeper purpose and meaning, the Brotherhood Circle is here to support your journey.

What We Do

Our circle is guided by the principles of Conscious Masculinity. This involves connecting with our hearts, embracing vulnerability, and cultivating our inner strength. We gather twice a month online to share our experiences, listen to each other without judgment, and offer compassionate feedback. These interactions are led by experienced facilitators, ensuring a safe, respectful and supportive environment.


The online gatherings happen twice a month, mostly on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month for 90 mins at 11:00am Eastern time. Participation in the circle is $50 a month and consists of the following agreements:

  • Attend at least 4 out of 6 calls per quarter

  • Arrive on time (zoom-line opens 5 mins early) with video on

  • Listen for the gold. Create value for yourself out of your participation. 

  • Respect all brothers

  • No soliciting

Join Us

Our doors are always open to those men who are ready to explore a new way of being centered in the heart. Whether you're starting your journey into conscious masculinity, or you've been walking this path for a while, there's a place for you in our circle. To join, simply click the button below and fill out the registration form. We look forward to welcoming you into our brotherhood.

Reviews For The Conscious Masculinity Brotherhood Circle

Marcelo Yasin

"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for this brotherhood. As a man, dealing with my emotions was not one of my strong suits and having to deal with different types of relationships from a place of repressing those emotions was not conducting me to successful connections, let alone to say healthy ones

I so appreciate this group of humans (Thank you Cesar for creating this) who, in spite of being complete strangers, can create such a safe and mindblowing space where I can feel seen, heard, loved and gotten.

We are all dealing with stuff and having a place where I can go Just to get that I am not alone and there are others dealing with similar situations, this is priceless

Cesar, Brother (yes, with capital B), when I started the journey you made some promises as to the value I would get out of participating in this group and I have to say


Cesar, I see you and the commitment you have with humanity to move the conversation forward of what it means to be a man on this planet.

Guys, do you want to know what kind of men you are?

This is the place to be. Just jump.

You will thank me later."


William Moreno

"In Conscious Masculinity I found a group of men that not only I admire and respect, but get to learn from and call them my brothers. It’s my first experience in a man’s circle and I wish I had done this work before. Cesar does a great job keeping the group focused on relevant subjects for men and he challenges us to step out of our comfort zone. We talk about everything, support each other and hold ourselves accountable for our promises. I’ve had many breakthroughs during many of the meetings and I know my fellow brothers have too."

- Trustpilot


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